fandom-girl-125: Signed for what. and sorry for bothering you about it, im just confused 

Not bothering! She just signed for the book to be inspired/turned into a movie x

fandom-girl-125: Do you know whats going on about the whole movie thing. I heard it was a trailer but im confused ? 

No trailer for anything yet! Anna just signed. But she has an official trailer for the series, its on her page :)

After header (requested) #1
My software is down right now. I was in the middle of making an edit and it shut down, ahh!
weeniehutstyles: can you make some After headers for twitter?? I can't find any! 

I will do that right now :)

livfortheblogs: UR EDITS ARE AMAZAYN!!! 😄 

Thanks lovely x

march-9th-13: Is there like a movie or something? It seems that way!? I just started reading on Wednesday and finished after and started after 2. I am dying and crying. They should really make a movie out of this 

You’re going to love the third book! Have some tissues prepared :)

It’s been a while since I’ve made an edit. Thank you for following :)
beachkitty4u: Who is Tessa played by 

Indiana Evans :)

Anna says about 30 more chapters of ‘After 3’ left!

Which book is your favorite so far? Mine is ‘After’ :)


bubble--s: Can you give me a link to after? :)x ❤️