ukfangirl1: OMG I cant believe After3 is nearly finished just 1 more chapter to go right?? 


Hessa edit (mine)
-I know After Harry wouldn’t wear that headband but it’s the only photo I could find lol
lifeisbeautiful187: I love your edits! What do you think about Louis', Niall's and Liam's new names? How will Harry be called? Which name is you favourite, Landon, Logan or Nathan? 

I like their names, I hope Anna will still keep Harry’s name but just change his last name. Landon! :)

amberdawnsneed: Ive never read any of the After's.. if there even is more than one. lol sorry im new. but how can i find this fic? I wanna read it :) Thanks 

Glad you’re wanting to read it! Here is the first book,

The second and third should be suggested when you’re finished reading it, or go to her profile.

peterpans-you: Is it true that she is making a new book called before ? x 

She said she was going once. But I don’t think it will be anytime soon because of all this great stuff with publishing and a movie and what not that’s happening :)

Hessa edit (Black&white)
makaylalynnallcorn: What is the author of afters page name? 


fandom-girl-125: Signed for what. and sorry for bothering you about it, im just confused 

Not bothering! She just signed for the book to be inspired/turned into a movie x

fandom-girl-125: Do you know whats going on about the whole movie thing. I heard it was a trailer but im confused ? 

No trailer for anything yet! Anna just signed. But she has an official trailer for the series, its on her page :)

After header (requested) #1
My software is down right now. I was in the middle of making an edit and it shut down, ahh!